Why Is It Better To Use Body Butter Instead Of Body Lotion?

You like your skin to be nourished and supple. This is only possible if you take good care of it by drinking a lot of water for hydration, by having proper vitamins and minerals along with fibers in your meals and protecting your skin from the elements of nature by covering it with good Body Products.

Many people think that both body butter and body lotion are the same, but they are not. According to the website seventeen.com, body lotion has a consistency that is more fluid as it contains almost 70% water. Also, the moisturizing effect of the body lotion is very temporary, and you will have to use it many times a day to keep the effect. However, body butter is different from the lotion as it has a buttery consistency that stays in the body for almost whole day needing lesser application frequency. The main ingredient of the body butter is the nut butter along with essential oils that keep your skin hydrated and protected for long. This is the product that you need to apply during the colder months when the environment is not very favorable for your skin. If you use it during summers, it may feel sticky and may make you feel uncomfortable.

There are many benefits of using body butter on your skin

It helps your skin remain hydrated for long without requiring you to apply it again and again. It actually forms a barrier between your skin and the harsh cold weather. The creamy texture helps it to remain on your skin for long.

The body butter as the name suggests has a buttery consistency. It helps make your skin smooth and shiny. The best way to use it is after the shower so that the moisture gets locked into your skin. However, if you use it at night, you will have a soft, supple skin when you wake up in the morning.

The people who suffer from callus of feet or corn can apply body butter after thoroughly washing and pat drying their feet. This application would require you to massage the body butter thoroughly onto your feet at night and wear the socks. In the morning when the skin is soft you can easily scrape away the dead skin giving rise to beautiful feet.

The most important work of body butter is to protect your skin from the elements of nature. It is the best kind of skin protector that you can think of. Since it forms a protective coating over the skin, it keeps the moisture locked inside, helps keep your skin away from the toxins and pollution present in the environment and also keeps your skin soft and supple. It is better to buy the body butter that has the vitamins like A, C or E.

You must buy only the one that has organic and natural ingredients. The oils should be cold pressed and unrefined to keep their natural goodness intact. Having ingredients like Shea butter, cocoa butter without any use of heat will give you the best product.

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