Straight Razor Versus Safety Razor – The Ultimate Judgment

Straight Razor Versus Safety Razor – The Ultimate Judgment

Grooming has become an integral part of our lives. The two significant tools, the straight razors and the safety razors are popular among the menfolk for wet shaving. Making a choice out of these two prominent competitors is indeed a marathon task. However, to make a choice it is imperative to have an in-depth understanding of both the tools. It is important to gather more inputs on the 2016 best straight razor and safety razor.

The intricacies of straight razor shaving are presented through the portals of A safety razor, on the other hand, is an economic alternative to the straight razor which does not require expert skills to handle. To know more, let’s get straight into the topic.

All about the straight razor
The straight razor that closely resembles a knife offers more proximity in terms of its frequent appearance in movies and televisions. A straight razor is a long metallic piece that has a razor-sharp tip at one end. It is attached to a revolving handle. It is commonly known as the true or open razor, cut throat razor or a barber’s razor. Though the invention of safety razors has resulted in a setback, the straight razors are still the preferred options among the shaving enthusiasts. The restoration of straight razors can be acknowledged with its comeback among the menfolk. A straight razor shave offers the look of a real man.

The straight razors have a sturdy design and are well constructed. The single blade in the straight razor does not require replacement as they last a lifetime. The blade must be maintained properly through honing and stropping at regular intervals. The straight razors offer a clean and excellent shave. A single stroke using a straight razor covers an extensive surface area on the face. There are a lot of signature variants among the straight razor manufacturers. Make sure to pick the ones that trend the market. Though the straight razors feature an initial high investment, it remains an economic option in the long run.

All about the safety razor
Safety razors invented and patented by King Camp Gillette started gaining popularity around the year 1900. The safety razors closely resemble the disposable or cartridge razors. A good quality safety razor is made wholly of metal. One of the benefits of utilizing a safety razor is that it offers a close shave. It hardly requires skills to get perfect. The blades must be replaced at regular intervals. A safety razor is an economic option for men who shave frequently as the blades are priced lower. The disadvantage of a safety razor is that the blades should be replaced throughout the lifetime which incurs an additional cost every time.

The advantage of receiving a close shave lasts only for a single use of the blade. For obtaining a closer shave the next time, the blades in the safety razor must be replaced. The surface area covered by each stroke of the safety razor is less. This warrants for more strokes which irritate the skin. However, the safety razor reduces the risks associated with cuts and injuries. It’s now time to make your personal pick.