The Coolest Things To Do In Montserrat, Spain

The Coolest Things To Do In Montserrat, Spain

Barcelona is one of the popular tourist destinations in the world. Many people across the globe visit Barcelona as a couple or family to enjoy the amazing sightseeing destination in this city, located in Spain. Those, who are visiting Barcelona, should never miss visiting the monastery located in Montserrat. This is place is very well known for its excellent surrounding mountain scenery. You can make your Spain tour more exciting by availing the accommodations from CLC World. You can just refer the clc world review to gain more details.

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The Montserrat is visited by many pilgrimages. The castle located in this region has been linked with a legend. The history of this monastery at Montserrat can be traced back to 880 years before. Montserrat also houses one of the reputable and oldest music school in Europe, called Escolania. This school was founded in the 15th century. The Montserrat suffered a low point in 1811 when it was attacked and destroyed by the French in the Carlist war. The monastery was totally rebuilt in the 19th century. Now let us see how to get into Montserrat.

Montserrat can be reached by car, train and cable car. You can access this place through road by using A2 expressway to Martorell. Parking a car near the monastery is very difficult. Reaching Montserrat from Barcelona through train is preferred by many people. This is because it is quick, cheap and hassle-free. The Cable car journey is a very spectacular one. The cable car journey lasts just 5 minutes, however, the passengers need to stand throughout the journey. The Funicular train journey lasts up to 15 minutes and cannot be as scenic as the cable car. However, these trains allow passengers to sit and can also accommodate wheelchairs.

If you are unable to arrange a car travel or train travel, you can just use the scheduled coach excursions, which are offered reputable tour operators in Barcelona. There are many things to see at Montserrat. There is a popular museum at this place, which has the works of Picasso, Monet, El Greco and other popular artists. The cave in the mountains can be a great sightseeing spot for both adults and kids. As Montserrat is located on the hill, this place is very cold, even during the summer.

Do not forget to carry layering clothes and sweater to protect from the cold. There are many restaurants and hotels in this place to satisfy the needs of different tourists. You can browse the websites of online travel agents to find out the accommodation options.