The Indigenous Plants Of Thailand!

The Indigenous Plants Of Thailand!

Thailand is one of the most amazing countries in Southeast Asia. This country is known to be a popular tourist destination, where millions of people from various parts of the globe visit to enjoy a variety of events. However, the interesting things to see in Thailand should never be limited to just the usual tourist gimmicks. This country is home to some of the world’s most beautiful plant specimens, some of which are not found anywhere else in the world. You may surf the net and go to website that is dedicated to promoting such lovely plant specimens.

The popular tourist magazine often publishes articles related to the wondrous sights one may see while on a visit to Thailand. Anyone interested in touring this magnificent country can do so after making a short research on such sites.

As said earlier, Thailand is a dream place for all those who wish to experience the wonderful beauty of Nature. Thailand experiences a broad range of climates, thereby multiple types of environments. We can see high mountain ranges as well as pristine seashores, all in the same country. As a consequence, this country has certain unique plants, which can be admired if one plans to visit at the right seasons.

Given below are some of the plants that an avid nature enthusiast can hope to find on a visit to this exotic locale:

1. Tropical Orchids
Thai orchids are world famous! The extensive assortment of climates and soil types of Thailand has facilitated the creation of a wide range of habitats for indigenous orchids. Thailand boasts of over Twenty-Five thousand varieties of orchids. The most common species found here are
2. Hibiscus
The H.Rosa Sinensis, or the Shoe Flower, is a popular plant in almost all Asian countries. This beautiful plant can be seen in abundance in Thailand and that too, in a wide variety of colors like red, pink, white, yellow, etc. hues of lemony yellow. This plant usually attains a height of 5 meters.
3. Kratom
Mitragyna Speciosa is a tropical evergreen tree found in Thailand, and it belongs to the coffee family. It is a beautiful plant, with lovely green foliage.
4. Anthurium
This is one of the most beautiful, albeit strange looking plant, found in South East Asian countries like Thailand. The Anthurium is a decorative plant, and many people proudly exhibit it in their gardens. In comes in a variety of colors. The most popular Anthurium found in Thailand is the Painters Pallette, and it can get to a height of approx. 60cm.
5. Water Jasmine
The scientific name for this lovely plant is Wrightia Religiosa. This plant is used in Bonsai arrangements and can be seen to adorn various Buddhist temples and monasteries in Thailand. The water jasmine is a medium-sized shrub, acquiring a height of almost 2 meters. The highlight of this plant is the lovely clusters of small, sweet-smelling white flowers.
6. Black Bat Flower
The Tacca Chantrieri is a species of flowering plant, and, quite strangely, resembles a bat!

Remember to look for these plants the next time you visit Thailand!