The Right Shoes For Your Culottes Pants

The Right Shoes For Your Culottes Pants

When it’s sunny, it’s time to flash your ankles with a lovely pair of culottes. These loosely cropped pants are a must have in your wardrobe during spring as well as summer. The cool thing is that they look good both as casual pants for women and for occasional use in office. Culottes are the trendiest additions to the fashion world during summer or spring. Read through the link below to get some interesting information:-

While wearing culottes will look great on you, you need to be careful with the foot wear you pair it with. All kinds of footwear do not match culottes. Some shoes make you look plumper as culottes have a wider cut than jeans. So you really need to be extra careful when choosing your footwear.

Backless loafers
Backless loafers look real good with culottes. They help to give your legs a slim look as they don’t cut anywhere near the ankle. Most people now prefer pairing culottes with backless loafers. This gives a cool look to your entire appearance. The furry ones are the best among loafers to wear with culottes.

Heels are not always a good choice. Sometimes heels do not suit the whole look. So be careful when you are thinking of wearing heels with culottes. If you are particular on wearing heels, think of trying on strappy ones. The straps give your leg a lengthening effect. This gives a slim look to your ankle area and then the culottes look perfect too. Mid heels are also good choices. They give a solid appearance.

Trainers are an excellent choice to wear with Culottes. They look cool and smart. When you choose a pair of white trainers, the result is awesome. White trainers have a distinct look that brings out the beauty of your outfit. Your legs look appealing with white trainers.

Slides are one of the best options for summer wear. These are so easy to slide on and carry around. So also you may be tempted to wear them along with culottes. It’s alright to wear them as long as you keep it simple. Don’t go for flashy or sporty ones. Single hue is the best. Probably black. Then you will be able to keep your look elegant and fresh.

Boots with heels
If you must wear boots, choose the high heeled ones. The culottes you are planning to wear should be shorter, if boots are the only option you have. Otherwise wearing long culottes with boots will not give you the effect you desire. You will end up looking a mess. So make sure you wear shorter culottes with high heeled boots. This will change your appearance altogether. You will look chic in this outfit.

Chunky brogues are the ones you need if you insist on choosing brogues. Nothing else is going to look that good in the brogue category. A silver one with soles will be just awesome as they have a special effect.

So now you know which the right choices in footwear are, why wait? Go out in style and make heads turn!