Solar Panel Installation- All That You Need To Know!

Solar energy is the next best option for mankind to sustain the current crisis and future extinction of other sources of energy. As the world realizes the benefits of using solar energy, its popularity is increasing every day. Buying a solar panel is an expensive choice. Hence the proper handling and installation are necessary to get the best result and avoid any damage caused to the panels. Since installation process requires technical knowledge and special expertise, hiring a professional installer company would be a better option. There are numerous service providers in market offering installation and repair services like solar hot water systems Perth. It is always advisable to get multiple quotes from various companies to get a better idea about the market price and usual set of services covered under the package. You can find details of active companies in your area through online directory

Some of the considerations while choosing an installation vendor are:
1. Credential and experience- The installer should have MSC certification. This requires them to clear an exam and have a certain level of field experience in installation. An established installation and repair company are members of associations like Renewable Energy Assurance Limited (REAL) or STA -solar trade association. IN case the installation process is subcontracted by the company then you should be confirmed that the concerned person or the team is MSC accredited. You can review the testimonies of their previous customers to know the satisfactory level of their work.
2. License and insurance cover: The contractor should be licensed and have the permit with the local authority to work on solar installations and repairs. Since this process involves working with electronic setup, chances of any accident do prevail. Therefore, you should also check for the insurance cover of the workmen doing the installation at your property.
3. There should be transparency: The contractor should wisely inform about the type and quality of equipment installed and also the techniques used to connect it with the electric fittings so that you are well aware of the probable faults and failure which may arise in future.
4. They should be kept for doing a home visit: The right way of doing the installation is that contractor should visit your place, understand the structure, identify the location of installation, study the possibilities and process of connection with electric and thermal pipelines. Once the analysis is done, they would be able to undertake the procedure in a more accurate way which would give best results.
5. Should confirm the timelines: Since with increasing awareness among people, these installers are usually overbooked with installation assignments. Therefore, you should get a timeline commitment from the contractor in writing, to get the work done without any delay.
6. Warranty or Annual maintenance contract option: Since solar equipment’s come with the warranty from the manufacturer for few years, you should also ask for workmanship warranty. In order to ensure proper functioning of solar panel and timely repairing and servicing of the equipment, you can always negotiate best AMC rates with them.

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